Krav Maga Fighting Network™

Krav Maga is the cutting edge self defence system from Israel that uses simplicity in its application to devastating effect. Whether it is an unarmed assault or an assailant equipped with an edged or blunt weapon, even a gun, Krav Maga has an answer. However, many Krav Maga instructors neglect the actual ‘fighting’ aspect of the system, in favour of an over reliance of drills, fitness and scenario based training.

The KM Fighting Network™ is a new part of the training curriculum aimed at students to radically step up their combat skills to another level.

We have taken the most effective techniques from western boxing, Thai boxing and Kali for the additional striking aspect under the guidance of Guro Terry Barnett. Who is Terry Barnett?

“Terry Barnett has been my student since 1979. Terry is one of the few individuals to have achieved the rank of ‘Full Instructor’ in the Filipino Martial Arts and The art of Jun Fan Gung Fu, (the art & philosophy of Jeet Kune Do) under my instruction.
Terry’s loyalty, integrity, compassion and excellence in teaching the arts is surpassed by very few.”
Guro Dan Inosanto

This is simply the best training that can be found in any Krav Maga school in the UK.

If you are already a KM instructor or just interested in becoming a KMFN representative, you will need to complete the intensive fighting/instructor’s course. Please email for details.