Does Krav Maga/Gracie Jiu Jitsu distinguish between training men and women?

No, both systems are designed for people of all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities regardless of age or sex. The same Krav Maga/GJJ techniques, with minor modifications, are taught to both men and women.


Do classes incorporate full contact fighting?

Yes and no. Krav Maga, because of its nature, must be practiced under controlled conditions. Because striking at the body’s vulnerable parts is Krav Maga’s underlying counterattack principle, caution must be applied when using the techniques especially to the groin, throat and eyes. This also applies to GJJ whilst applying any joint locking or choking technique. Therefore the ‘tap’ system is enforced and students are encouraged to tap early and often!

However, controlled sparring with protective gear and groundwork is an integral part of the Krav Maga curriculum. Advanced students regularly participate in “fighting classes.” Krav Maga/GJJ instructors emphasize two paradoxical training rules: (1) there are no rules in a fight and (2) one must not injure oneself or one’s partner when training.

Once you have chosen your membership option, a one off payment of £25.00 is required in order to administer and complete your registration. This fee includes: Membership to the Jon Hegan Academy. Automatically added to our database from which you will receive information on future seminars and events.

Once you have chosen your art and started training you will need the following items: * Full academy uniform/Jiu Jitsu gi * Martial art type shin guards and boxing gloves. All are available from your instructor.